The John Volken Foundation (USA) and the John Volken Foundation (Canada) are private registered charitable organizations with combined assets of approximately $150 million. Both are dedicated to support those who struggle, helping them to become the best that they can be. Substantial financial commitments are made to the John Volken Academy and Lift the Children.


Our Mission

Helping those who struggle develop into
self-supporting, contributing members of society,
and become the best that they can be!


The John Volken Academy (visit the site – click here) has campuses in the United States and Canada
providing long-term residential drug and alcohol addiction treatment and
like-skills training to young men and women aged 19 to 34. …read more…

Lift the Children searches out struggling orphanages in East Africa and
provides them with long-term finacial support. …read more…

           Our Founder

Our Founder John Volken being presented with
the Dalai Lama Humanitarian Award. …read more…

John Volken’s life exemplifies a success story,
a rags-to-riches transformation that typifies the
North American dream. …read more…

John Volken and the John Volken Foundation Video.